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by Jackie on March 31, 2014

Tommy, a member of our site, has been corresponding with me for quite a while and tempting me from afar with his dirty talk and some selfies of his big hard cock. I loved the idea of meeting Tommy in person but there was the matter of some 8,000 miles, since Tommy lives in Australia! But we kept on teasing each other online until Tommy wrote to say he was finally making a trip to the good old USA for business. Well, I had some business of my own with Tommy and I decided to be the number 1 tourist attraction on his list! I mean, which would you rather ride, the Matterhorn at Disneyland of my hot and wet “slip-n-slide?”
Tommy told me exactly what he’d like to see me wear, a short dress with lots of leg action! I told Tommy that as a member of our site I would roll out the red carpet and put on the sluttiest little skirt in my closet for him. And I told Tommy exactly what I’d like to drink, a nicely chilled Australian white wine. Just the thing to get our little international party started!
After spending an evening with Tommy I can honestly say I am a real fan of Aussie meat. You know, that hard eight inches in Tommy’s pants…and inside my totally American pussy!
Entertaining a member of our site was so much fun…I’m wondering, who’s next?
Here’s your personal link to all the fun.  Click HERE and JOIN UP and see the Video!


Leave room for Cream!

by Jackie on March 18, 2014

I think it’s pretty well established that I enjoy the finer things in life, that is a good hard man with a can-do attitude.  The key words here are “Can” and “Do,” as in “do” me, please!  And I think I may have mentioned that I’m a wine lover and have been known to make myself available to hot men who ply me with excellent cabernet.  Well, here’s another one of my favorite things:  a strong and hot cup-a-Joe.  Yes, I will jump through hoops for a rich and robust cup of coffee.  I’m  a coffee slut, and like my men I prefer the darker roast, the darker, the stronger, the better.  But on occasion I make an exception, not about my coffee but my men.

Recently I found myself in line at my local Starbucks waiting for my turn to order a red-eye with room when I realized that a very hot man was standing right next to me.  My MILF radar went nuts and next thing I knew we were chatting each other up like we’d met on a dating site for horn dogs.  He was charming, sexy and giving me a vibe that said, “I’d like to be sucking your nipples just as soon as I guzzle down this triple espresso.”

Within the hour he was in my bedroom sucking my nipples, fucking my face, pounding my pussy and finally creaming me with his hot jizz. All with my hubby watching and stroking his cock.

Am I proud of the fact that I can now count the local Starbucks amongst my hunting grounds for fuck-able playmates?  Damn straight I am!  Another feather in my slutty little G-string!

Here’s your personal link to all the fun, before, during and after.  Click HERE and JOIN UP and see the Video!
Now you’ll have to excuse me, my French Press is calling my name!  Have a well caffeinated day!


Fan Fotog

November 21, 2013

I really love interacting with people online.  Whether it’s e-mail from our site or people I meet on twitter or tumblr, it’s always a turn-on to chat with other like-minded horny guys and gals!  We engage in all kinds of naughty talk about what gets us off, and then with any luck at all we […]

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Business is Good!

October 24, 2013

In case anybody is wondering, I am a business friendly MILF/cougar/housewife whore. Do I love to be ravished by a huge hunk of BBC? You betcha! But equally, I absolutely jump (literally jump) at the opportunity for a romp in a fully appointed hotel suite by a visiting white businessman, as long as he is […]

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Holiday Housewife Whore

October 14, 2013

What is it about October that’s just so invigorating? Well, there is that wonderful chill in the air. Not too cold, but just enough to make your nipples hard! After a summer of sweating it out on top of the sheets, it’s kind of nice to get under the sheets and snuggle! The weather change […]

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3 Hole Whore 4 Black Cock

September 24, 2013

It’s Tantalizing Tuesday everybody! Cum torture yourself with a clip from one of my  movies!  It’s just an appetizer, but you can get the entire satisfying meal in my member’s area. Click HERE and JOIN UP and see the Video! I just love a satisfying meal!  Bon Appetit!!

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Jackie – A Bride to Be!

September 17, 2013

Not long ago a very good fan/ friend emailed me and asked if he could shoot pics of me in sexy lingerie.  Specifically he wanted me to wear “wedding” style white satin bedroom-wear.  Ooooh, I thought, I like where this is going! Off I went to my favorite sex shop in search of the perfect […]

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Margaritas and MILFs

August 21, 2013

Hubby and I love our Friday nights at our fav Mexican restaurant where the margaritas are strong and the nachos are oh so crispy!  Hubby circled the busy parking lot then dropped me off at the door to put our name on the list while he continued to hunt for a spot.  But apparently he […]

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A Slut Goes Too Far and Pays the Price!

July 29, 2013

In hind site I should’ve known better.  And today my hiney is paying the price (not that I mind a little friendly spanking now and then).  But when a slutty wife like me does the crime then she’s got to pay the fine.  In this case, hubby made me pay for a hasty decision to […]

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Primping For My Date

July 11, 2013

Getting ready to meet a new fuck buddy is an exciting little adventure all its own.  Ever since I was a teenager I realized that getting ready for a date was like foreplay;  what bra and panty to choose, which pair of jeans shows off my ass the best, should I wear a low cut […]

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