Dirty Whore!

by Jackie on October 3, 2015

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Most of my dates are one time only affairs. My hubby takes me to the hotel and the guy fucks me once or twice that night and they move on. Some guys are from out of town and we can’t make another connection or circumstances in guys lives change and they aren’t interested or can’t date me anymore.

There are a few exceptions. A few guys have fucked me regularly and keep coming back for more. Those guys are a pleasure to deal with. We all know what to expect. I know what they want, I’ve given it to them many times before and it’s easy for me. I service the men in the manner they want and I get the thrill of getting fucked in front of my husband which he enjoys.

The problem is with the first time repeat date. The guy who has fucked me once and had a good time but now wants something a little different. Some men are funny in that way, they don’t reveal all their sexual preferences the first time. On the first date they are on their best behaviour. They don’t make any demands before the date or on the date. However I dressed for the first date is not an issue. They are more reserved sexually on the first date.

As I said before, most guys just move on and we never hear from them again. Fair enough. The problem that confronted us last weekend is with Hank who fucked me the week before and texted my hubby that he wants another date with me. Only this time he is “feeling his oats.” as they say. He is getting particular about what he wants and how he wants it.

He has had this fantasy about fucking a real whore and wants me to help fulfill that fantasy. He wants me to dress sluttier than last time. His text to hubby was: “Jason, I’d like another date with your wife Jackie. I enjoyed fucking her last week. This time I’d like to fuck her like a real whore. I want her to dress very slutty so I can fuck her like the dirty whore I know she is!”

Well, I may or may not be a bonifide “dirty whore”, but it certainly made me feel unsure about how I might play that role for him. I went to great effort and shopped for a new outfit I thought he would like to fuck me in. The afternoon of the date I modeled the outfit for my husband so he could shoot some IPhone pictures and text them to Hank to get his approval.

It took some convincing, shooting more pics, Hubby suggested I fuck myself with a dildo for Hank and finally I had to suck my hubby’s cock, which I seldom do, to remind Hank how I looked sucking a big dick, If I was “dirty whore” enough for him. When he saw the last picture of my mouth flooded with hubby’s load of cum,  he texted back. “That’s the dirty whore I want to fuck! Bring your wife to my hotel and I’ll fuck the whore!”

And so my husband did just that. Later that evening hubby took me to Hanks hotel and Hank indeed fucked the “dirty whore!”

His fantasy was fulfilled and he was very happy. It was an effort so I should echo that song from a few years back: “It’s hard out there for a pimp!” and for a “dirty whore” for that matter!

I should mention that hubby got a text from him today. He wants to set up a third date with me. God knows what he wants me to do next!….Jackie


Afternoon Whore!

by Jackie on July 25, 2015

Speaking of spontanous! It was lunchtime at the claimjumper restaurant, I was sitting at the bar waiting for my hubby Jason to join me and a fellow named Hank began to chat me up. I guess I must exude “Hotwife will suck your cock if you ask her!” because after just a few minutes of casual conversation Hank popped the question! No he did not ask me to marry him, but was equally if not more forward. He casully said “You are so hot, would you consider going to a hotel with me for a quick blow job? I’d love for you to suck my cock!”

I told Hank that I was waiting for my husband, that we had a lunch date. He apologized and said he didn’t know I was married. Of course I was wearing my wedding ring in plain veiw but I told him his apology was accepted. My husband was running late so Hank and I continued to chat about sex since he had broken the ice. He seemed like a great guy with a cool personality and soon all the sex talk got the better of me.

I said “Hank, this may be your lucky day!” I told him I was indeed a hotwife and that my husband enjoyed watching other men fuck me and that perhaps we could make a date for later in the week. Hank told me he was on his lunch hour now and would be willing to get back to work late if I would just give him a blow job now. Nothing gets me hotter than a man asking me to suck his cock! What’s a whore to do? It was the early afternoon and I agreed to give him a blow job as soon as my hubby arrived
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