Servicing the BBC!

by Jackie on April 18, 2015

Following up on my last minute date my hubby made for me day before yesterday. I didn’t have much time to stress over what to wear that I thought might please my date whom I had never met nor had any contact with. Such is the life of a housewife whore who’s hubby pimps her out at the last minute! I’m not complaining but part of the fun of “dating” other men is shopping for new outfits to wear and shoes that might look hot on my feet as my legs are spread wide and I’m being fucked silly. I know it’s a girl thing!

My hubby quickly shaved my pussy smooth for my date to enjoy then I just threw on my jeans and grabbed a little blue blouse I had bought last week. Hubby drove me to the Best Western motel just off the Interstate. I waited in the car as usual while hubby checked in. My husband flashed the key to the room at me waiting in the parking lot and I followed him to the room.

Since I had no special outfit to wear I just slid my jeans off and voila’ my blue top was now my “cum fuck me” dress. My husband checked my ass, tits and pussy to make sure I was fine to be fucked. I relaxed in the motel room chair and waited for my “date” to arrive. My hubby had told me I would be servicing a black dick but I had no idea what was in store for me!
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Last minute date!

by Jackie on April 16, 2015

My husband just told me he just booked a room at the Best Western for this guy to fuck me at 3:PM today. I love these last minute dates! Gotta go get ready, I think I’ll dress slutty for him. I’ve never met him but he looks like he would enjoy fucking a slutty whore wife.

I’ll have hubby shoot some video and pics to put up later.


The HotWife Whore and the Younger Man

April 14, 2015

BECOME A MEMBER HERE for 30 Days FULL ACCESS and SEE THE FULL “It’s a Date” VIDEO and ALL MY VIDEOS! This young man had been emailing me persistently for years! I always found him hot and interesting, he even offered to become my personal gardener! Who wouldn’t love that? A hot young gardener who […]

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Holiday Inn Whore

April 6, 2015

Here is another clip from my date last week. My hubby booked a room for me at the Holiday Inn Express in the Valley. I was introduced to my date by my husband at the Cheesecake Factory then he quickly drove me to the hotel so my date could fuck me. My hubby says he […]

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Express Fucked!

March 27, 2015

My date was late last night. By the time he arrived at the Cheescake Factory for our meet and greet in the bar it was late and he had to get up early for work. My hubby introduced us then drove me quickly to the Holiday Inn Express where my date “Express” fucked me then […]

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“Pimping the Wife!”

March 14, 2015

My husband sets up all my dates for me so naturally he tells his friends that he is “Pimping the Wife.” I not particularly fond of that term. I don’t really think of myself as a whore since I am really just a housewife who enjoys being fucked by other men than her husband. Granted […]

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It’s “HARD” to forget Jackie!

March 9, 2015

He was one of the first guys to fuck me and cuck my hubby, and now…He’s Baaaaaack!  Let’s just say if you’ve had me once, you just gotta have me again, and again, and, you get the idea!  My Boyfriend is back, baby, and I’m just as hot for him as ever.  This time he let […]

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Oscar Night!

February 22, 2015

I will be watching the Oscars tonight along with my hubby Jason but I have some work to finsh here first. BECOME A MEMBER HERE for 30 Days FULL ACCESS and SEE THE FULL 32 minute “Housewife Whore” VIDEO and ALL MY VIDEOS! Like this:Like Loading…

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How to make your date happy!

February 19, 2015

I get asked by other sluts, I mean women, how to  make a good impression on a first date. I had my cuck hubby Jason make a little gif of me entertaining a gentleman and doing my best to show him a good time and make him happy. It’s also a bonus if you can […]

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Jackie at work!

February 17, 2015

Having fun posting pics and vids. Like this:Like Loading…

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