Housewife Whore!

by Jackie on October 19, 2016

My husband and I were watching tv getting ready for some playoff baseball and discussing what we should have for dinner when Hank texted. Hank has fucked me many times now but has been out of town for a couple months. He texted my husband from the airport when he returned and told my hubby that he wanted to come by our house and fuck me on his way home. Well my husband got very excited as did I! I went into my bedroom and quickly showered and changed into something I knew Hank would enjoy. I wore a pretty pink dress which showed off my tits for him and, as Hank prefers, I wore no panties so he could get quick access to my pussy! I also wore some stockings which I know please him.

My husband greeted Hank at the door and pointed him down the hall to our bedroom where I was waiting. He gave me a big kiss then pulled my tits out of my dress and began sucking them. He pushed me to my knees and pulled out his big fat cock and told me how much he missed my cocksucking and what a good cocksucker I was. Of course Hank put me on the bed and fucked me over and over!

It’s so good to have Hank back in town!
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jo January 6, 2017 at 6:00 pm

love your work! simply amazing…


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