Myhotwife Jackie – Clams>Cum

by Jackie on April 13, 2018

A few days ago some friends of ours called up and asked us to join them at a clam bar down at the beach. It seemed that every time this couple asked us to join them it was for a night of clams. I’ve never been much for slurping up clams so I asked my girlfriend why she liked them so much. She started to giggle over the phone, then said “Don’t you know? Clams are an aphrodisiac!” She giggled a little more as she explained that when she suggested a night of clams to her hubby it was really code for “You’re gonna get lucky tonight honey.”

Hmmm, I thought. Clams a code for sex? I started to think back at my many fabulous sexual experiences both with my own hubby as well as my many casual dates and boyfriends. I had to admit that a chilled vodka martini, dry with a fresh lemon twist had always been somewhat of a sexual elixir for me. One, and I’m feeling my male date’s legs under the table. Two, and I’m nearly climbing on top of him to get to the hard muscle between his legs. It’s true that after a couple of great martini’s, if my date is do-able (and they are always do-able!), I’ve been known to start the party in an elevator or a parking structure, unable to wait until the key-card unlocked the hotel room.

But now my girlfriend had me wondering: Is it the vodka martini that turns me on, or is it the prospect of all that…warm creamy cum!! One load then two, maybe three if we stop to rehydrate. In fact I always have a Snickers bar in my purse just in case my date needs a sugar fix to get to load three. I am slut for cum, it’s undeniable, as anyone who has spent quality sex-time with me will tell you. I coax it out of my date like a snake charmer coaxing a cobra. I slurp it up like, well, like clams I guess! I had to giggle to myself at the comparison, almost forgetting my girlfriend still on the line, waiting for my answer about a date with clams. She said, “Now what are you giggling about Jackie? You want in on the clam action, don’t you?” Oh my dear girl friend, I thought to myself, if she only knew how much action I already have, and how clams on the half shell pales in comparison to cum shooting all over my body, my face and into my mouth from a nice big cock!

Happy clam digging to you all! I’ll take the cum!

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Sara33 February 12, 2019 at 1:59 am

Hello Jackie,
My name is Sara and my husband and I have been fantasizing about the whole hotwife experience for years. We really love your style and basically everything about you. My question is how to find safe clean men? do you have any advice; do you require the men to show test results? Our fantasy would involve the man cuming in me and possibly having my husband eating my creampie. Just want to be safe…thanks


john April 19, 2018 at 8:09 am

Hello Jackie, my name is John, I love your photos and your videos. How do I get access to more of them. Send your whatszapp by email. I dream someday to fuck you.


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