Girls just wanna show off!

by Jackie on April 25, 2018

Flashing, what is it about flashing that’s so much fun? Is it the shock factor, the idea of getting caught in the act of showing too much skin, or is it more primal, a throwback to earlier days when undoubtedly humans wandered around wearing nothing but a fig leaf? Maybe flashing isn’t for everyone. Or maybe we were all born to be flashers. I’ve been told that as a child my mother couldn’t keep clothes on me. She’d dress me up in some cute little outfit for the day only to find the clothes in a pile outside and me in my birthday suit swinging on my swing set. Was this precursor of my future, my delight in sharing my sex-adventures with others? Hmmm.

I am of the opinion that there is nothing ugly or morally wrong with a clothes-free person, as long as they intend no harm to anyone. Obviously millions of people agree with me or there wouldn’t be nudist resorts. After high school I saved up a little money and went to Europe, and was so pleasantly surprised to find that women were free to sunbathe topless, even change out of their bathing suits and into street clothes in plain sight of anyone and everyone. Heaven!

I’ve definitely enjoyed flashing my private parts all over LA. In restaurants, rose gardens, hotel elevators, even the streets of Beverly Hills. One of my favorite places I’ve flashed was at the Getty Museum (not to mention the blow-job I gave a stranger in the parking garage!). Fun Fun Fun!! I bring this subject up because flashing has really become next to impossible in recent years. Establishments have cameras everywhere to catch trouble makers, and everyone has a cell phone camera and a bit of a sheriff mentality. We’ve become a society of moral cops, and sometimes that’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But sadly, the thrill of a momentary flash out in public has become too dangerous to even attempt. The idea that I could get arrested just for exposing my tush, a bit of a downer. So I’m posting some pics of my favorite flashing moments. Because I did that, and it was fun, and I may never be able to do it again (sad face emoji).

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joe d ressa March 18, 2019 at 2:15 am

you are absolutely gorgeus I love your website I wish you would come to Dayton ohio I would love to meet you wine and dine yours truly joe


TommyB May 11, 2018 at 3:38 pm

I LOVE YOUR Work!!! “I’m a Big Black (Black man) Fan of Jackie ( New York & A “BIG Thank You” to Jason “Man I Wish I were you kid”!!! Jason i’d like to show you My wife “it’s only fair”, she’s a Wall Street Banker (for real). I’d love to start a “Hot Wife Fan Club” here in NYC (that’s if there is not one already) Please “keep (Us All up and horny) Up the Good Work”!


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