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I'm Jackie, a married woman and a real housewife but I'm not a whore for hire. I cuckold my husband at his request, I date other men so he can watch them fuck me, or my husband will "pimp" me, arrange dates for guys to fuck me. I resisted at first, but now I enjoy having other men fuck me in front of my husband. He personally videos most of these guys fucking me for you to see! If you Join up you will see me transform myself from housewife to cuckolding whore. My husband shaves my pussy smooth, then I dress for my dates. Follow along as my husband delivers me to men in their hotel rooms. Sometimes he just drops me off to be fucked and other times he stays to watch and video if the guy consents. When the men are done with me, I get dressed and my husband drives me home. When I get home I tell my husband how much I loved being fucked by my date and re-live all the messy details as he strokes his cock. My husband has seen the innocent girl he married become a slut and a whore at his request.


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Saturday night is usually the night my wife and I go out for a little romantic dinner, just the two of us, but she made other plans at the last minute.
I'll have to make myself some mac & cheese then watch as another big black cocked boyfriend of hers fucks her!...Jason
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My wife has been taking it easy for awhile now. She's been shopping a lot, lunching with girlfriends and otherwise doing not much to help pay the bills. She has also been dating a few guys, basically giving her pussy away for free. Things have got to change. It's time she put her pussy back to work!...Jason
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My wife Jackie sucking the VIP Dick in the backseat of our car. He says he is coming to town to interview her for a permanent position. I hope he has real intentions on hiring her, not just getting her to suck his cock again. Of course she'll suck his cock again but she needs a job, needs to be put back to "work." The problem with him as I see it is, he's in his main office on the east coast and won't get to fuck her very often even though she would probably be servicing client's and other VIP's on the west coast regularly. She has experience as a corporate whore so we'll just have to see how it goes!...Jason


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My wife Jackie frustrated over what to wear to impress the "High Roller" on her job interview.
Should she dress business like or slutty? She needs to dress to impress and she needs to suck his cock if she wants the job!...Jason


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My wife Jackie about to get another big load of cum in her mouth.
She is servicing this BBC who flew into town just to use her for the weekend!...Jason


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My wife Jackie trying to make a good impression on her first job interview.
She needs to get back to work. I told her to suck cock and spread her legs if the job requires....Jason


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My wife services Marq regularly on his lunch hour. Sometimes on her knees letting him fiuck her mouth and swallowing his quick load. Other times he will take her to our bed and pound her cunt which I smoothly shave for him to enjoy. Since Marq is a regular, he get the pleasure of fucking my wife in the ass if he likes. On this afternoon, he took full opportunity and shoved his big black cock slowly into my wife's ass giving her a few moments to let the pain subside and get as comfortable as she could with his fat dick stuffed deep in her asshole. He stroked his cock in and out of her ass as she moaned and grunted, he picked up speed and was soon slamming his big cock in and out of her ass while he pinched her exposed nipples. My wife gasped loudly each time he bottoomed out and I could hear his big balls slap against her ass cheeks. When he was done he parted my wife's legs and showed off her asshole to me gaped wide. He straddled my wife's face and made her suck his balls as he jacked off unloading a huge stream of cum into her open mouth and all over her face. When he was done I penciled him in for next week for another "date" with my wife...Jason

"How much cum do I have to eat to make my hubby Happy!" ...Jackie
"He banged my head against the wall as he fucked my face. Does my hubby really want me to work for this guy?"....Jackie
"This guy has an open invitation from my hubby to fly into town every month to fuck me. Hubby particularly enjoys watching him fill me with his huge loads of cum!"...Jackie
"My hubby Jason says I have to dress to please these guys. Does it really matter? I'm gonna get fucked and used again no matter what I wear."...Jackie
"I sucked this guys dick once and got nothing but a mouthful of cum for my trouble. He wants to interview me for a real job he says. If he hires me it will be so he can fuck me whenever he wants. My hubby says I should be nice and suck his dick again but I have a feeling all I'm gonna get is another mouthful of jism to swallow and no job!"...Jackie

"I feel bad that I have not been pulling my weight lately. I know I have to pitch in to help pay the bills.

My hubby always reminds me that I am a whore, that my real talent is sucking cocks and taking a hard pussy pounding, and that I've let so many Black men fuck my ass. Why stop now? he asks? I guess he's right."...Jackie


"Sometimes I get back at my hubby for pimping me out by inviting a boyfriend of mine to come to the house and fuck me. Hubby does not like this but I tell him it's part of being a cuckold. It was what he wanted when he started whoring me out to other men.

He is constantly pimping me out to guys I don't know, setting up dates for men to fuck me and use me for their own pleasure in hotel rooms. On occasion it's nice to choose who fucks me, a friend who knows what I like for a change."...Jackie

"Yes Marq does fuck me regularly. Since he is a good buddy of my hubby Jason, he comes to the house and fucks me whenever he wants if I'm not busy with other things. As usual, a regular eventually wants to pimp me to a buddy of his to show me off, to show them what he has that they don't.

I don't always agree, but in this case I did the favor for my hubby's good buddy Marq. Hubby shaved my pussy smooth and I dressed nicely then he drove me to a hotel to meet Michael. Marq could not make it so Michael had me all to himself. At least I didn't have to take them both on, and my hubby probably would have wanted to fuck my mouth as the other two drove their black cocks in and out of my cunt and ass.

Michael followed Marq's script and fucked my face furiously then rammed my cunt for awhile finally shoving his black cock up my ass to finish. Of course now Michael want to fuck me regularly too. Why do I get the feeling that Michael and Marq will soon be gang banging me with other brotha's of theirs. That's if my hubby agrees to to their wishes, which of course he will! He would love nothing better!"...Jackie




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Marq has been fucking my wife regularly, now he is pimping her to his "Brotha" Michael. Michael fucked my wife's pretty face and pounded her cunt then, just like Marq, he shoved his black cock up her ass and stretched it wide as he punped it hard unloading a huge shot of cum, into her asshole. I know Michael will want to fuck my wife regularly now. That means I get to fuck her less and less...Jason
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