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I'm Jackie, a married woman and a real housewife. I cuckold my husband at his request, meaning, my husband has me date other men just so they can fuck me. Sometimes my husband will "pimp" me, arrange dates for guys to fuck me. I resisted at first, but now I enjoy having other men fuck me in front of my husband. He personally videos most of these guys fucking me for you to see! If you Join up you will see me transform myself from housewife to cuckolding hotwife whore. My husband always shaves my pussy smooth for my date to enjoy, and will advise me to dress slutty or conservative as the guy requests. Sign up and follow along as my husband delivers me to men in their hotel rooms. Sometimes hubby just drops me off to be fucked and other times, if my "date" lets him, he stays to watch and video. If my husband is allowed to stay he usually strokes his cock watching as the men fuck me. When the men are done fucking me for the night, I put my panties back on and get dressed and tell my husband to drive me home.


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Chuck has been fucking my wife regularly for a couple years and now feels he has earned the right to share her with his friends. He brought his camera with him last week when he came over to fuck her. He said he wanted to shoot some pictures of my wife to show his buddies to see if any of them wanted to fuck her too....Jason

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My wife Jackie is a real housewife! She cooks, cleans, gardens, shops and enjoys life. But there is nothing she enjoys more than meeting a new friend and doing all she can to please him. That being the case, I enjoy pimping her out to big cocked men, telling her there's a guy who wants to fuck her, and to get ready then driving her to a hotel and watching her un-zip their pants and suck their cocks hard, then spreading her beautiful legs and letting the men pound her till they shoot a load of jizz into her hot cunt or into her open waitng mouth. But when this guy pulled out his cock and waved it my wife's face, I knew she had her work cut out for her. He had the biggest black cock she ever had to handle. Watch her rise to the occasion as she takes this gigantic black cock in her latest Video!

My husband pimped me this afternoon. He shaved my pussy and drove me to the Best Western Hotel just off the Interstate so I could service a black guy he met online who wanted some of my "white pussy!"

I was shocked when my hubby introduced me to him. He had the biggest black cock I had ever seen.

I got on my knees and opened my mouth wide and sucked the best I could then groaned as he pushed that monster into my pussy. I admit it was pain and pleasure and so much fun!

After I was fucked out and sore from that huge black cock, my hubby did a 5 minute post fuck interview with me! ....Jackie

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I set up a date for a new guy to fuck my wife. I was giving her advice on what outfit she might wear for him. It was such a turn on to know her pretty mouth would later be stuffed with a big black dick. I got my cock out and began stroking it. I begged her to suck it and she gave in and I couldn't help but blow my load all over her pretty face. She cleaned up and I drove her to the hotel where like a good whore, she sucked and spread her legs for another black cock taking his huge load of cum in her cunt!...Jason

Decisions, decisions! I never know what to wear for a first date. Should I look slutty or demure? I didn't really know the guy who was gonna fuck me tonight. My hubby (Mr. Big Pimpin') himself, set the date up as usual.

I was pulling things on and off and strutting in front of my mirror when I noticed hubby had his cock out and begged me to suck it. I gave in and sucked hubby's dick, but he broke my rule and shot his cum in my mouth.

As hubby drove me to the hotel, I ate a mint hoping my date would not smell my hubby's cum on my breath. My date fucked me and filled my pussy with his load of cum!

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My wife Jackie is not a whore for hire but I do whore her out as often as possible. Big men, small men, middle aged men, younger men, big cocked men, small cocked men, white men and of course black men! She prefers to be fucked by black men. It's not so much the "taboo" factor as some think. It's that black men are more direct and aggressive sexually at least they are with my wife, which satisfy's her need to be "used". See her check into this hotel, watch her "date" inspect her shaved pussy then take her to bed, fuck her face and spread her legs and pound her cunt into submission!.....Jason

I'm not a paid whore. That said, I do enjoy entertaining men outside of my marriage and do my best to please them. Lucky for me, my husband is an enthusiastic supporter of my "hobby."

So I am free to spread my legs and have men use my pussy for their pleasure which satisfies my submissive sexual nature.

Contrary to the usual cuckold personality, my husband is very aggressive sexually, to the point where he takes charge of my sex life by whoring me out as he wishes and he enjoys watching aggressive men, black men for the most part fucking me and using me for their pleasure.

Hence, black men, I am happily a white wife at your service!....Jackie

I am really fond of Chuck. He's been fucking me for a long time and I enjoy servicing him. Lately when he fucks me he says "I own your pussy!" and he wants his friends to fuck me too. He took pictures of me to show them and several of them want to fuck me now.

Chuck wants to have regular parties at his house and wants my husband to shave my pussy then drop me off so he and his friends can fuck me all night.

I'm not sure how I feel about Chuck "Pimping" me out to his friends. I thought he enjoyed having me for himself, but if it makes him happy, I may do it for him. My hubby has already said he loves the idea.

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My wife services Marq regularly once a week on his lunch hour at our house. If he is short on time he will just push her to her knees and fuck her mouth, filling it with a quick load of jizz then he runs back to work. Other times he will take my wife into our bedroom and pound her cunt which I smoothly shave for him to enjoy. Since Marq is a regular, he gets the pleasure of fucking my wife in the ass if he likes. When Marq was done filling her mouth with his cum, I penciled him in for next week for another "date" with my wife...Jason FYI Jackie's been fucked dozens of times at home too. All those videos are in our members area!

"Marq has fucked me so many times that my hubby usually just lets him in the house and points to our bedroom where I'm waiting with my pussy shaved smooth for him. When Marq comes in the room I get right down on my knees, he pulls his black cock out and tells me to "Suck it baby!" I suck his dick and he fucks my face which he loves to do, then he tells me to get on the bed and he pounds my pussy hard. I know Marq is my husbands friend so if he wants, he gets to fuck my ass, and I do other things for him that I don't usually do for my "dates." If I keep Marq happy, I keep my hubby Happy!" ...Jackie

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My wife Jackie is fucked again at the Holiday Inn Express. "D" saw my wife Jackie's profile I posted on an online hook up site. "D" contacted me about a "date" with her. He had all the qualifications: He was black, and was determined to make my wife his slut so I hooked them up. "D' wasted no time getting his black cock into my wife's pretty hot mouth then pounded her cunt. "D" had to be up early for work so he banged my wife hard and fast then put his pants on and left my wife on the bed, her pussy stretched and sore and her mouth full of his cum..Jason...UPDATE..."D" just texted me and wants another "date" with my wife tonight!....Jason

"Im usually the one late for my date. By the time my hubby shaves my pussy and I dress, I'm always running late.

But last night I was right on time. My husband took me to the Cheesecake Factory and got me a martini in the bar where I was to meet my date for the night.

He finally texed my hubby and told him he was delayed in traffic on the 405 freeway. When he did arrive hubby introduced us then drove me to the Holiday Inn Express where my date put me right down on my knees and pushed his black cock into my mouth! He said he had to get up early so he fucked me hard then left!....Jackie XOXO

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