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I'm Jackie, a married woman and a real housewife. I cuckold my husband Jason, dating other men just so they can fuck me. Sometimes my husband will whore me out, arrange dates for guys to fuck me. I resisted at first, but now I enjoy having other men fuck me in front of my husband. He personally videos most of these guys fucking me for you to see! If you Join up you will see me transform myself from housewife to cuckolding whore. My husband always shaves my pussy smooth for my date to enjoy, and will advise me to dress slutty or conservative as the guy requests. Sign up and follow along as my husband delivers me to men in their hotel rooms. Sometimes hubby just drops me off to be fucked and other times, if my "date" lets him, he stays to watch and video. If my husband is allowed to stay he usually strokes his cock watching as the men fuck me. When the men are done fucking me for the night, I put my panties back on and get dressed and my husband drives me home.


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Friday night is usually a busy night for my wife Jackie. I often have two guys lined up to fuck her. She packs up a few changes of clothes and all her make up into her back pack and I drive her to the motel! She makes the change from housewife to whore in 20 minutes and is ready for her first date of the night. After the first guy is finished with her, she showers and changes outfits ready for the next guy to fuck her. ....Jason


Like most housewives, during the week I shop for groceries and do my gardening, which I am very proud of by the way! I usually cook 3 meals a day for my husband and we watch some tv. At bedtime I like to read a book for awhile before I nod off. But the weekends are my busy time. my husband whores me out to as many guys as he can and I do my best to please them by taking their cocks in all my holes and eating thier cum if they want me to. For the most part I do enjoy servicing men and I know it really pleases my husband to watch them fuck me.

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Hank shot some video of me last time he fucked me and said he wanted to pimp me out to a few of his buddies. I laughed thinking it was just a joke but yesterday my husband set up a date for one of Hanks friends to fuck me. Derek had seen the video Hank shot and Hank told him he could fuck me if he wanted to. What my husband didn't tell me was that Derek enjoyed fucking women in the ass. After submitting to so many black mens demands and letting them fuck my ass, last year I told my husband "No more, I'm not taking any more cocks up my ass!" My husband knew this but he still made the date with Derek who told him he just wanted to get his black cock into my asshole which he of course did. My asshole was stretched, pounded and gaped again!..Thanks a lot hubby!..Jackie Watch the Video "Giving up the ass!" HERE NOW! - Secure Instant Access

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There's a first time for everything and Jackie's first time handling a big black cock was quite an event. I booked her a nice room at an upscale hotel and made arrangements for a young black bull to do the honors.!. ....Jason


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Jackie has been fucked by many black men and she knows that when I set up a date for another black man to fuck her, she's gonna be taking his big black dick up her ass. Watch as her "date" fucks her pretty mouth, her tight pussy and finally stretches out her asshole in this great hot Video!.....Jason

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My husband pimped me out again this afternoon. He shaved my pussy and drove me to a Hotel just off the Interstate.In the car on the way to the hotel, my husband told me my date today was with another black man.

I knew what that meant. It meant I was gonna get fucked in the ass again today by a big black dick! I was so right. I got on my knees and sucked his black dick after which he put me on the bed and fucked my tight little white pussy till it was a huge wide hole then he moved on to my ass and stretched it out with a hard pounding leaving me on the bed with my asshole gaped wide and my mouth full of his cum! ....Jackie

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I set up a date for a new guy to fuck my wife. I was giving her advice on what outfit she might wear for him. It was such a turn on to know her pretty mouth would later be stuffed with a big black dick. I got my cock out and began stroking it. I begged her to suck it and she gave in and I couldn't help but blow my load all over her pretty face. She cleaned up and I drove her to the hotel where like a good whore, she sucked and spread her legs for another black cock taking his huge load of cum in her cunt!...Jason

Decisions, decisions! I never know what to wear for a first date. Should I look slutty or demure? I didn't really know the guy who was gonna fuck me tonight. My hubby set the date up as usual.

I was pulling things on and off and strutting in front of my mirror when I noticed hubby had his cock out and begged me to suck it. I gave in and sucked hubby's dick, but he broke my rule and shot his cum in my mouth and all over my face and hair.

As hubby drove me to the hotel, I ate a mint so my date would not smell my hubby's cum on my breath. My date fucked me and filled my pussy with his load of cum!...Jackie See the full 45 MinuteVideo Here!

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Now that Hank is fucking Jackie regularly he feels he has a right to pimp her to some of his friends. The last time he fucked her he took some video and pictures of her to show his friends. Hank got good shots of her ass which his buddy Derek requested. Derek loved the ass shots Hank took of my wife and wasted no time messaging me. "Hey Jason, my buddy Hank showed me some pictures of your wife and told me I could fuck her if I wanted. He showed me video of her sucking his fat dick and pounding her sweet tight pussy! Wow! Your wife is a great whore but I only want her for one thing, I want to fuck her beautiful ass! I mean I'll make her suck my black dick too and I'll fuck her pussy but I really just want to stretch out her asshole and give it a good hard pounding.....Jason

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Once a guy has fucked my wife Jackie and deposited his load of cum on or in her, he usually gets dressed quickly and does not hang out for more polite conversation. Hank, who fucked Jackie last month texted me that he wanted another date with her. Only this time he wanted to fuck the "dirty whore." Hank wanted her dressed special, in a half bra with her nipples out and stockings and garter belt with no panites. Jackie shopped for the outfit that would please Hank. I shaved her pussy smooth and she dressed like the dirty whore Hank wanted. I took her to a cheap motel and texted Hank to "come fuck the dirty whore" Hank showed up right at noon and pushed the dirty whore to her knees then shoved his big cock into her mouth and told her to start sucking. He fucked the dirty whore hard then told her to open her mouth wide while he poured a huge load of cum down her throat till the dirty whore gagged on all his cum. Then Hank went back to work and I drove the dirty whore home....See the new video here...Jason.


Hank is a nice guy and I was happy when my hubby Jason told me Hank wanted another date with me. Hank fucked me on his lunch hour last month and seemed to enjoy it.

Apparently Hank told my husband that I was just a dirty whore and this time he wanted me to dress the part for him instead of my usual housewife look.

I was a little offended but I wanted Hank to be satisfied so I went shopping and bought an outfit I thought would please him. I dressed in the half bra and stockings that Hank wanted but I didn't really feel any different. Hubby drove me to a cheap motel so Hank could fuck me. Maybe I am just a dirty whore after all and didn't realize it till now!
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David flys into town on business every couple months and sends me a text to let me know at what hotel he is staying. He is becoming a regular and expects me to have my wife Jackie ready for him to fuck when he wants her. Most the black men that fuck Jackie usually fuck her in the ass as well as using her mouth and pussy so she expects at some point during a date with a black man, she will feel his black cock pushing at her tight butthole. It's not her favorite part of the date but with David I think she actually looks forward to it.There is a look on her face of pleasure as he pushes his black dick into her asshole and slowly begins to pump his cock in and out of her ass, stretching it out, and she seems truly joyful and he begins slamming his cock deep and hard into her ass before he cums in her asshole. So when David texts me, I don't even have to check with her about setting up a date. I just tell her David's in town and wants to fuck you, and she says "When!"
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Yes It's true, I do enjoy servicing David and actually look forward to hearing my husband tell me "David's in town and wants to fuck you tonight!" And yes I know he's going to want to fuck my ass and I'll be sore for a couple days afterwards but I don't really mind and actually find it very exciting, especially when he is pumping his big black cock into my ass in front of my husband who never gets that pleasure.

If my husband insists on whoring me out to black men, only they get the pleasure of fucking my ass and he would never get it again. I actually enjoy taking his cock in my ass and love that my husband knows David is getting something he never will!
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Most times I set up my wife Jackie's dates, and take her to a motel so the men can fuck her. It's not often that she meets a guy herself that ends up pounding her beautiful pussy but today was different. Jackie met a young black college athlete at the local library and Jackie, having a degree in English and Literature, offerred her services! Her services quickly evolved to sucking his huge black dick and allowing him to shove his monster cock up her ass!" I'm not sure the young man learned much but my wife got her asshole stretched out wide and pounded hard again by black dick! Is my wife a Black Cock Whore? YES!
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I don't really like my husband to refer to me as a whore. I don't really see myself that way. I am just a regular housewife who cooks, cleans and tends to my garden like any other house wife.

I didn't want other men to fuck me but my husband insisted, then he told me I had to let black men fuck me, and now admit I enjoy black men fucking me right in front of my husband, pounding my pussy and ass with their much bigger cocks and all the while thinking my husband knows he can't compete with them.
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Saturday afternoon I checked my wife Jackie into the Holiday Inn again! I made arrangements for a black man who was in town on business to fuck her. I shaved her pussy smooth nicely for him to enjoy and she dressed in a conservative blue dress the way he requested. He arrived on time and made good use of her, having her suck his black dick to full hardness then spreading her legs and driving his cock in and out of her cunt stretching her hole out till he was ready to shoot his big hot load into her mouth....Jason

I do enjoy entertaining men outside of my marriage and do my best to please them.

I'm pretty much a "weekend warrior." My husband books me into a hotel and arranges for men use my mouth, pussy and ass for their pleasure which satisfies my submissive sexual nature.

My husband takes charge of my sex life by whoring me out as he wishes and he especially enjoys watching black men fuck me!

Hence, I am a happy "white wife at your service!"..Jackie
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I had a lunch date with my wife Jackie. I was a little late arriving at the restuarant and was surprised to find she had met a guy at the bar who was on his lunch hour and she had agreed to give him a quick blow job at a nearby hotel. Needless to say I drove her down the street to meet him. Of course it was more than a blow job. After she sucked his cock, he spread her legs and fucked her hard and shot his huge load all over her face then he went back to work. What a wife!...Jason

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Speaking of spontanous! It was lunchtime at the restaurant, I was sitting at the bar waiting for my hubby Jason to join me and a fellow named Hank began to chat me up. I guess I must exude "Hotwife will suck your cock if you ask her!" because after just a few minutes of casual conversation Hank popped the question! No he did not ask me to marry him. He casully said "You are so hot, would you consider going to a hotel with me for a quick blow job? I'd love for you to suck my cock!"

I told Hank that I was waiting for my husband. He apologized. Of course I was wearing my wedding ring in plain veiw but I told him his apology was accepted. My husband was running late so Hank and I continued to chat about sex since he had broken the ice. He seemed like a great guy and soon all the sex talk got the better of me...Jackie
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I admit I was a little scared to make the leap to black cock. My husband had been whoring me out to a few white men for a few months and was just getting comfortable with letting myself be fucked and used by those guys and actually found it exciting, but I never thought I'd have to handle a big black dick. I kept saying "No way!" to my husband but he persisted and I finally gave in. He set up a date for a young black man to fuck me and I was actually surprised I was able to take that big black dick with no problem!

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As usual, once a guy has been fucking my wife Jackie for awhile, he wants to share her with his buddies. I suppose that's a natural guy thing. Hank had been fucking my wfe for over a year before he got the nerve to ask if he could shoot some pictures of her so he could pimp her out to a few close friends. He wants to keep fucking her as he has been, once a week on his lunch hour but he's told some guys about her and what a good fuck she is and how her husband doesn't mind if other guys fuck her. Check this video out I'm shooting video as usual and Hank got some hot POV video of his big cock fucking her mouth from his camera. Join up HERE to see all the videos of guys fucking my wife Jackie!.....Jason

I really enjoy Hank. He's a great guy and I love how he fucks me. My husband lets him fuck me whenever he wants which is usually once a week on his lunch hour. Hank has been out of town for a couple months but when he got back home he texted my husband and asked if he could fuck me right away. Lucky I had just gotten home from the market when my hubby gave me the news, so I grabbed a sexy short blue dress and my husband drove me to the motel close to Hanks work, where he has been fucking me for the last year. I was happy to pose for pictures. If Hanks friends are anything like him I will be happy to service them if Hank wants me to. I know my husband won't mind!

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My wife Jackie is becoming a regular at the Holiday Inn Express in the valley. "D" contacted me about a "date" with my wife and I made all the arragnements for him to fuck her. "D' wasted no time getting his black cock into my wife's pretty hot mouth. He held her head as he fucked her face before putting her on the hotel bed and pounded her cunt. "D" had to be up early for work so he banged my wife hard, shot a load of cum into her mouth, then put his pants on and left my wife on the bed, her pussy stretched and sore and her mouth full of his cum...Jason...UPDATE..."D" just texted me and wants another "date" with my wife tonight!....Jason

Last night my husband took me to the Cheesecake Factory and got me a martini in the bar where I was to meet my date for the night.

My date finally texed my hubby and told him he was delayed in traffic. When he finally arrived hubby introduced me to "D." We had a quick drink, then they took me to the Holiday Inn Express where "D" put me right down on my knees and pushed his black cock into my mouth! I sucked his black dick till he was ready to fuck me!....Jackie XOXO

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