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It's Monday night and Chuck has a date to fuck my wife. Chuck was recently hired by my wife's corporate boss and was in town for the day on business. My wife's boss asked me to take my wife to Chuck's hotel so he could fuck her. I shaved her pussy smooth, then she dressed and asked me how she looked. Was she "fuckable?" I told her Chuck would love fucking her and her boss would be proud. She finished her lip gloss and I drove her to Chucks hotel. Sometimes I watch as guys fuck my wife or wait down in the lobby while she's being fucked. The occasional gentleman will take my wife to dinner, then take her back to the hotel and fuck her, but usually they just make out with her then fuck her. Chuck couldn't wait. My wife was a dream come true for him., as beautiful milf wife who would not say no to whatever he wanted. Chuck made out with my wife on the couch fondling her tits and pussy then ordered her to suck his black cock! Chuck smeared my wife's lip gloss with his cock then pushed his black dick into her mouth and gagged her with it before fucking her face, Chuck took my wife to the bed and shoved his huge black cock into her pussy, not noticing how nicely I'd prepared it for him. He pound her cunt hard, then while fucking her doggie style with his thumb in her asshole, he just pulled out of her cunt and shoved his huge black cock into her ass almost knocking her down but for his hands grabbing her hips. My wife let out a loud gasp as his cock drove deep into her asshole, but since he was already pumping away in her ass she couldn't say no. He continued pounding his cock harder and harder in and out of her ass and she took it like the perfect whore she is. Chuck grunted and finally drained his load into my wife then she layed back into his arms with her legs spread wide, her pussy and ass sore and stretched out. Chuck reached down and scooped his cum onto his fingers and fed it to my wife like he was doing her a favor. Not to dissapoint, my wife smiled and ate Chucks sperm, licking his fingers. I could not help myself, and I scooped more of his cum on my fingers. Chuck approved! He had an early flight so my wife got off the bed, totally fucked out and got dressed. He gave her a kiss and told her how he wanted that ass again next time She smiled at him, then I picked up her panties off the floor and walked her down thru lobby and drove her home! I'm getting used to my wife being pimped by her boss and being the guy who delivers her to be fucked. I hope I get to fuck her again soon.

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Saturday night is usually the night my wife and I go out for a little romantic dinner, just the two of us, but she made other plans at the last minute.
I'll have to make myself some mac & cheese then watch as another big black cocked boyfriend of hers fucks her!
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Chuck has fucked my wife many times. He considers her his personal whore. Now he shoots pictures so he can pimp her to his friends!
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My wife and I check into her favorite L.A. hotel for a romantic weekend, then she calls one of her old boyfriends to come over and fuck her. I have to watch and stroke my cock while she sucks his huge black cock and pounds his hard black dick into her!
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