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I'm Jackie, a married woman and a real housewife. My husband whores me out, makes me available for other men to fuck. I resisted at first, but now I enjoy having other men fuck me in front of my husband. Join up and see me transform myself from housewife to cuckolding whore. My husband always shaves my pussy smooth for my dates to enjoy. Sign up and follow along as my husband delivers me to be fucked and used by men in their hotel rooms. When the men are done fucking me for the night, I put my panties back on and get dressed and my husband drives me home.


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Jason says..There is a first time for everything and Jackie taking her first black dick was a game changer as they say in sports. I had been whoring my wife Jackie out to several white men for a year or so before she relented and agreed to let me whore her out so big cocked black men could enjoy her sweet white pussy and ass...Jason


Jackie says...I said "NO" for a year to my husband when he wanted me to spread my legs for black men. I agreed to him sharing me with white men and was afraid that I was not up to taking on the bigger cocks of black men. But after showing me the picture of David I gave in. I was not expecting to be fucked in my ass by my first black date! I felt humiliated at first but soon learned to accept it from all the black men that would fuck me!

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Jackie says...Hank shot some video of me last time he fucked me and said he wanted to pimp me out to a few of his buddies. I laughed thinking it was just a joke but yesterday my husband took me to a motel so one of Hanks friends could fuck me. What my husband didn't tell me was that Derek wanted to fuck me in the ass. After Years of submitting to so many black mens demands and letting them fuck my ass, last year I told my husband "No more, I'm not taking any more cocks up my ass!" My husband knew this but he still made the date with Derek. Once Derek was fucking me, I couldn't say no when he pushed his black cock into my asshole. He stretched it wide with his big cock, pounded and left me on the bed with my asshole gaped and full of cum! Thanks a lot hubby!..Jackie Watch the FULL ONE Hour Video "Giving up the ass!" HERE NOW! - Secure Instant Access

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Jason says...Now that Hank is fucking my wife Jackie regularly he feels he has a right to pimp her to some of his friends. The last time he fucked her he took some video and pictures of my wife to show his friends. Hank got good shots of her ass which his buddy Derek requested. Derek loved the ass shots Hank took of my wife and wasted no time messaging me. "Hey Jason, my buddy Hank showed me some pictures of your wife and told me I could fuck her if I wanted. He showed me video of your wife sucking his fat dick and pounding her sweet tight pussy! Wow! Your wife is a great whore but I only want her for one thing, I want to fuck her beautiful ass! I mean I'll make your wife suck my black dick too and I'll fuck her pussy but I really just want to stretch out her asshole and give it a good hard pounding. Hank said that's what your wife is for!....Jason

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Jason says...Once a guy has fucked my wife Jackie and deposited his load of cum on or in her, he usually gets dressed quickly and does not hang out for more polite conversation. Hank, who fucked Jackie last month texted me that he wanted another date with her. Only this time he wanted to fuck the "dirty whore." Hank wanted her dressed special, in a half bra with her nipples out and stockings and garter belt with no panites. Jackie shopped for the outfit that would please Hank. I shaved her pussy smooth and she dressed like the dirty whore Hank wanted. I took her to a cheap motel and texted Hank to "come fuck the dirty whore" Hank showed up right at noon and pushed the dirty whore to her knees then shoved his big cock into her mouth and told her to start sucking. He fucked the dirty whore hard then told her to open her mouth wide while he poured a huge load of cum down her throat till the dirty whore gagged on all his cum. Then Hank went back to work and I drove the dirty whore home....See the new Full 40 Minute Video here...Jason.


Jackie says...Hank is a nice guy and I was happy when my hubby Jason told me Hank wanted another date with me. Apparently Hank told my husband that I was just a dirty whore and this time he wanted me to dress the part for him instead of my usual housewife look.

I was a little offended but I wanted Hank to be satisfied so I went shopping and bought an outfit I thought would please him. I dressed in the half bra and stockings that Hank wanted but I didn't really feel any different. Hubby drove me to a cheap motel so Hank could fuck me. Maybe I am just a dirty whore after all and didn't realize it till now!
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Jason says...I usually take my wife to a motel for her dates fuck her. On occasion a High Roller will book a room in a nice hotel to fuck her in, and on rare occasion I will invite the guy to our house to fuck Jackie in our bed if I have gotten to know him well. This was the occasion with Mark. I had met him a few week ago on the golf course and when my wife picked me up after the round he was very complimentary of her. Mark called me last week and invited me for another round of golf and told me to bring my wife along if she played. I told mark Jackie did not play golf but she was a very good sport and allowed me to pimp her out for men to fuck and use for their pleasure. Mark was surprised but quickly asked if I would consider setting up a date for him to fuck her. I looked at my calendar and set up a time for him to meet and fuck Jackie.
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Jackie says...Yes It's true, I allow my husband to set up dates for men to fuck me. I don't like my husband referring to my dates and being "pimped," but he does set my dates up and I do try and please the man every way I can. If my date is a black man, I know he's going to want to fuck my ass and I'll be sore for a couple days but I don't really mind and actually find it very exciting, especially when he is pumping his big black cock into my ass in front of my husband who never gets that pleasure.

If my husband insists on whoring me out to black men, only they get the pleasure of fucking my ass. My husband has forfited that right. As usual Mark got his cock quickly into my ass. I love that my husband knew that Mark is getting something he never will again!
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Jason says...Saturday afternoon I checked my wife Jackie into the Holiday Inn again! I made arrangements for a black man who was in town on business to fuck her. I shaved her pussy smooth nicely for him to enjoy and she dressed in a conservative blue dress the way he requested. He arrived on time and made good use of her, having her suck his black dick to full hardness then spreading her legs and driving his cock in and out of her cunt stretching her hole out till he was ready to shoot his big hot load into her mouth....Jason

Jackie says...I do enjoy entertaining men outside of my marriage and do my best to please them.

With some exceptions, I'm pretty much a "weekend warrior." My husband books me into a hotel and arranges for men use my mouth, pussy and ass for their pleasure which satisfies my submissive sexual nature.

My husband takes charge of my sex life by whoring me out as he wishes and he especially enjoys watching black men fuck me!

Yes, I am a happy "white wife at your service!"..Jackie
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Jason says...Hank and I work for the same company and he heard about my wife thru the grapevive. He caught me in the parking lot at lunchtime and asked if I was okay with my wife giving him a quick blowjob. I told him I could arrange that and asked him when. He said "How about right now I have a couple hours for lunch!" I was surprised but texted my wife who was also at work and told her to take lunch now and meet me. She said she was supposed to have lunch with a girlfriend. I told her to cancel those plans, and meet me at the Quality Inn, 'cause she had some cocksucking to do! Hank got a room and I texted my wife the room number. She showed up at the motel a little annoyed that she couldn't have lunch with her girlfriend. I introduced her to Hank, who prompty pushed my wife to her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth! Of course it was more than a blow job. After she sucked his dick, Hank spread her legs and fucked her hard and shot his huge load all over her face then we all went back to work. BTW Hank is now fucking my wife regularly on his lunch hour!...Jason Watch the FULL 25 Minute Video HERE NOW! - Secure Instant Access

Jackie says...Speaking of spontanous! On occasion I do get a text from my husband telling me to meet him asap. I always know what this means. He has a guy who wants to fuck me and right now! Sometimes he as me go home where he and a man I never met are waiting for me and I'm told to take him into our bedroom and suck his dick and spread my legs for him.

In this case I was told to meet him at the local Quality Inn, where I am regularly fucked when my husband whores me out. My husband and Hank were waiting for me and Hank wasted no time getting his cock out of his pants, pushing me to my knees and waving his dick in my face. I sucked his cock and he fucked me, and it turns out that Hank is a very nice guy. My husband now has me servicing Hank whenever he wants on his lunch hour, and it's fun!....Jackie
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Jason says...My wife Jackie is becoming a regular at the Holiday Inn Express in the valley. She's been fucked there several times now. "D" contacted me about a "date" with my wife and I made the arragnements for him to fuck her. I took my wife for a drink to relax her and meet "D" who seemed to like her. After our drink we took my wife straight to the Holiday Inn Express. "D' wasted no time getting his black cock into my wife's pretty hot mouth. He held her head as he fucked her face before putting her on the hotel bed and pounding her cunt. "D" had to be up early for work so he banged my wife hard, shot a load of cum into her mouth, then put his pants on and left my wife on the bed, her pussy stretched and sore and her mouth full of his cum...Jason...UPDATE..."D" just texted me and wants another "date" with my wife!....Jason

Jackie says...I'm always nervous when my husband sets up a date for a guy to fuck me that I don't know. My hubby took me to the Cheesecake Factory and got me a martini and introduced me to "D" who seemed nice. "D" made me more nervous by trying to feel my pussy under the table and finger fucking me while we had our drink. We finally drank up and my husband and "D" took me to the Holiday Inn Express where "D" put me right down on my knees and pushed his black cock into my mouth! I sucked his black dick and he fucked me hard then made me lick the cum off his cock and eat it. When he was done with me my husband took me home!....Jackie XOXO

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