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new"The Dirty Whore"new
Jason Says..
. Once a guy has fucked my wife and deposited his load of cum on or in her, he usually gets dressed quickly and does not hang out for polite conversation! Not Hank. He told me: "Jason, I'd like another date with your wife Jackie. Next time I want her to dress slutty so I can fuck her like the dirty whore she is!" Later, I told my wife to shop for some lingerie for Hank then I snapped a few pics of her and sent then to Hank. He texted back. "That's the dirty whore I want to fuck! Take your wife to motel at noon tomorrow, and I'll fuck the dirty whore on my lunch hour!" My wife dressed slutty and I took her to the motel, Hank fucked her and shot his big load into her mouth wide open mouth.
Jackie Says... It's true. My husband told me Hank said I was a dirty whore and wanted me to dress more like one the next time he fucked me. I shopped for some lingerie I thought he might like and dressed up for him the next day. My husband took me to the motel so Hank could fuck his "dirty whore". I don't think of myself as a dirty whore but since Hank and my husband say I am, maybe I am a dirty whore.
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new"BBC Meets Housewife Whore"new
Jason Says..
. Ken was insistant on fucking my wife, so much so that he flew in from out of state just to get his cock into her. That being the case my wife went the extra mile and wore a new short red dress she bought just for him to fuck her in. Ken did not dissapoint, he pulled out his big black cock and had my wife on her knees asap sucking it. My wife certainly did not dissapoint Ken either!
Jackie Says... On occasion my husband sets up dates for me with men who are in town for a day or two on business who are looking for some pussy while they are away from their wives. In Ken's case, he only flew into town to fuck me! No other business but me. I was very flattered and Ken was also very nice. I hope he enjoyed himself enough to come back!
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new"Mandingo Cum Slut!"new
Jason Says..
. James has fucked my wife once before. He texted me he was coming back into town and wanted my wife to pick him up at the airport. My wife was there to meet James at the airport. He told her to take him to the nearest motel where he fucked her in every hole!
new"Time to suck Kens cock again"new
Jason Says..
. Ken used to fly into town from SoCal to fuck my wife. It's been awhile and now we live in SoCal not far from Ken so he's back with his big black cock hard and ready for my wife to suck again!
Jackie Says... My husband told me "Ken lives 90 minutes away from us now and he's driving up today so you can suck his cock again." I wanted to look nice for Ken so I went shopping and dressed up for him. Now that he lives close he''ll probably want me to suck his cock regularly.
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Jackie says..."I am helpless to the demands of assertive black men, and when my husband told me James wanted me to pick him up I did just that. When we got to my car he said..."Where's the nearest motel? I'm here on on other business but the first thing I need to do is fuck your married white ass, so let's go! I told your husband I only need you for an hour"
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"Giving up the ASS!"
HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I love this video, I told my wife to start dating Derek regularly because I love to watch him fuck her in the ass!
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new"Is that your wife!"new
HUSBAND JASON SAYS...After a round of golf, showing each other pictures of our wives, my new golfing buddy recognized mine. Two hours later he was fucking her!
"Pimped by my Black Boyfriend!"newJason Says... "JB has been fucking my wife for years and now has decided he want's to pimp her out to a few of his friends and make her his party whore." She is submissive to JB and will do whataver he tells her to do!
Jackie Says... "I love my black boyfriend JB He has fucked me so good for so long and I will do anything he wants me to do. If he wants his friends to fuck me, I will suck their black dicks and spread my legs and let all of them use me to please him!"
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"Will Fuck for Work" new Jason Says... "Money is tight these days and my wife Jackie has not worked a real job for many years. She's a great wife she spends most of her time shopping and spending money redecorating the house. I take her out to lunch or dinner every day and that's expensive too. I have a good job and my boss is a nice guy. I asked him if he would consider hiring my wife part time. I told him, years ago she worked in client relations and was very good at it and he agreed to give her an interview. I told my wife that she needed to start pulling her weight and get to work and how my boss agreed to interview her. She dressed up nice for the interview and I drove her up to Phoenix to a motel where my boss was staying while he was taking some meetings. My wife has always used sex to get what she wanted. That's her real talent and she put it to work with my boss!"
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS..."I didn't know we were in a financial squeeze. Hubby never talks to me about that stuff. I met my husband years ago when I was working doing client realtions for a small company in California. When he told me I had to go back to work, I didn't know what to do. I hadn't used any of my old skills for years and I was not confident. My husband has kept me busy for so long sucking cock and spreading my legs for men so that's the only experience I have now. I did the interview with my husbands boss and did the only thing I know how to do!"
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS "My husband has me date other men becase he enjoys watching them fuck me. I don't like being called a whore. I 'm really just a dating wife trying to please her husband"
Is she a Whore or a just a dating wife?
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new"Don't call me a Whore!"new
HUSBAND JASON SAYS...Guys don't pay to fuck my wife but some still call her a whore. Who cares as long as they fuck her!
new"Cream Pie Cunt"new
Jason says...My wife has guys that fuck her regularly but when she happens to not have a date scheduled I take that opportunity to reward new guys that have been waiting to fuck her. Jesse had contacted me last week that he was coming in for a bussiness meeting. He'd seen videos of my wife and wanted very much to fuck her. I emailed him that my wife was availble for him the day he would be in town. When he arrived he emailed me his hotel and room number. My wife dressed nicely in a pink dress and white heels. I drove her to his hotel where he fucked her hard for an hour and filled her cunt with a load of cum! When he was done with her she put her panties back on and I drove her home. Tomorrow one of her regulars will be fucking her again.
Jackie says... I didn't have a date scheduled so I thought I would spend the day relaxing and doing some shopping at some of my favorite stores. At breakfast my husband told me I'd have to do my shopping later because he had a guy that wanted to fuck me and he was only in town today. My husband told me the guy had meetings in the morning and other plans for the evening so he would be taking me to the guys hotel in the afternoon so the guy could fuck me.
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newJackie Talknew
Members leave comments on all the video pages and Jackie sits down once a week to answer some of them on video and they are posted in the members area for all members to watch. Jackie also talks about what's new in her life even though she's just a housewife, and Jason tells her about new guys he has lined up to fuck her!
Jackie says....This is really fun for me to read some of the members comments. Some are funny and some are very serious. I try my best to answer honestly to the members comments and questions, and my huband also chimes in on what he thinks too! I also try and give members a glimpse into my life as to what I'm doing besides my dates. How a real housewife like me has other things I'm up to that might be interesting for our members to hear about...
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...We are new to town and my husband has not made any friends yet. He did meet a guy on the golf course yesterday who recognized my picture. He knew I was Jackie. My husband called me at home and told me to meet him at a motel so his new friend could fuck me! I'm such a good wife!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... a few weeks ago, Hank, who my husband invites to our house to fuck me regularly, instead, took me to a motel and loaned me out to his buddy Derek. Derek fucked me in the ass and my husband loved watching! Now I have to date Derek once a month and let him fuck me in the ass to please my husband!
"Meat My Wife" new Jason Says... Like many guys, Marq emailed me, telling me my wife Jackie was very pretty and asked to see more pictures of her. I sent Marq a few pictures of my wife with her cunt being stretched out by different black dicks. The next day Marq told me he had jacked off to my wife's pictures and that he would love to meet us for a drink and get better acquainted with her. I Told Marq it was not necessary to meet for a drink. If he wanted to fuck my wife he just need to email her with a time that was good for him and my wife would be ready to suck his dick and spread her legs for him. A few days later Marq was at our house with his black cock stuffed in my wife's mouth! He pounded my wife's pussy, then got her on her back and had her suck his black balls then pushed her head under him and made her lick his black ass finally stroking a huge load of cum into my wife's mouth! He's been back to fuck her many times!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... My husband set up a date for Marq to fuck me and I was only too happy and excited meet him. My husband told me Marq wanted me to dress with a short skirt and a top that he could easily pull down to suck my tits. I met Marq at the door and invited him in. We chatted for a few mintues then I took him into our bedroom so he could fuck me! My husband didn't tell me Marq was gonna make me lick his ass and gag me with his huge load of cum but I gladly did it for him.
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...Hank wanted to pimp me out. I thought it was just a joke but my hubby agreed. Now Derek fucks me in the ass!
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new "Giving up the ASS!"new
HUSBAND JASON SAYS... Hank fucks my wife regularly now he pimps her to his friend Derek who fucks her ass!

"White Wife at Your Service!"new
HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I offer my wife's pussy and ass to black businessmen who are in town for a night or two!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS ...My husband drops me off at another motel so a visiting black businessman can fuck me!
new"Ready for Action!"new
HUSBAND JASON SAYS... Jackie has been taking some time off after selling our house and moving to another state. But she is back and ready for action!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... Hubby and I have moved and I have been so busy getting settled but now my husband says he has new men ready to fuck me!
"Holiday Inn Whore!"new
HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I took my wife for a nice date night dinner. When we were done, I put her in the car and took her to the Holiday Inn so Big "D" could fuck her!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...My husband took me for a romantic dinner. Instead of driving me home, he takes me to a motel and tells me: "I got a message from Big D. He says bring your wife to this motel, I want to fuck her tonight!" My hubby dropped me off in the parking lot and told me to go up to Big D's room and suck his dick then let him fuck me!
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