I'm Jackie, a real housewife
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Cuckold husband Jason Says..
. Once a guy has fucked my wife and deposited his load of cum in her, he usually gets dressed quickly and does not hang out for polite conversation! Not Hank. Hank told me: "Hey cuck Jason, I'd like another date with your wife Jackie. Next time I want her to dress slutty so I can fuck her like the dirty whore she is!" Later, I told my wife Hank wanted me to take her shopping for some trashy lingerie. I snapped a few pics of her looking like a cheap whore and sent them to Hank. He texted back. "That's the dirty whore I want to fuck! Take your wife to motel at noon tomorrow, and I'll fuck the dirty whore on my lunch hour!" My wife dressed slutty and I took her to the motel, Hank fucked her and shot his big load into her wide open mouth.
Jackie Says... It's true. My cuck hubby told me Hank said I was a dirty whore and wanted me to dress more like one the next time he fucked me. My cuck huband took me shopping for some lingerie I thought Hank might like and dressed up for him the next day. My husband took me to the motel so Hank could fuck his "dirty whore". I don't think of myself as a dirty whore but since Hank and my husband say I am, maybe I am a dirty whore.
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Cuck Husband Jason Says..
. My wife Jackie has been on a lot of dates and she's taken a lot of cocks and some big ones but this may be the biggest black dick she's had to take since I've been pimping her out! See her suck this huge cock and watch and listen as she struggles to take this monster.
Wife Jackie Says... My cuck hubby shaved my pussy smooth for my "date" to enjoy then I dressed and he drove me to the motel. I relaxed in the motel room and waited for my "date" to arrive. My cuck hubby had told me I would be servicing a black dick but I had no idea what was in store for me! This was probably the biggest cock I ever had to take! My jaw was sore from sucking for days after and so was my poor pussy!
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Cuck Jason Says..
. James fucked my wife once before when he was in town. He texted me he wanted to fuck my wife again and was sending my wife a plane ticket. I dropped my wife at the airport and James was there pick her up. He took her to the nearest motel where he fucked her in every hole!
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Cuck Jason Says..
. Never been seen before! Hundreds of Jackie pictures from years ago now posted in the members area!
37 New/old pictures from "The Date" 23 years ago are up now!
Jackie Says... My cuck hubby has unearthed hundreds of pictures he took of me years ago and has started posting them for all to see in our members area! I had not seen many of these pictures myself and I had to blush a little bit. I had forgotten what a naughty girl I was!
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Jackie Says "I told my cuckold husband I needed another big cocked black man to fuck me and cudos to my cuck hubby for finding Ken. He is exactly what I wanted and needed. There is nothing quite like sucking a big black dick, feeling it push into my wet pussy, stretching it out and taking a good hard pounding. That's what I really need. Ken slapped my ass hard till it was red while he pounded my pussy then I felt the sensation of his big black cock up against my tiny asshole and feeling my asshole opening up wider and wider till he had the big head in. Even though I wasn't really ready for it I knew what he wanted. He wouldn't take no for an answer and I couldn't deny him his pleasure of taking my ass! " You will love this brand new hot video!

Cuck Jason says..."What my wife wants she gets. I found BBC Ken yesterday and invited him over to the house to fuck her. Jackie took Ken into our bedroom and as soon as she saw his big cock she got right down on her knees and started sucking it. It didn't take long for Ken to get his big dick into my wife's pussy and pound it good then he pulled it out and pushed the head of his big cock against my wife's asshole and pushed it slowly in."
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Jackie says..."I am helpless to the demands of assertive black men, and when my cuck husband told me James wanted me to fly to L.A I did just that. I had my husband drive me to the airport asap. James picked me up and told me."I need to fuck your married white ass, so let's go! I told your cuck husband I only need you for a couple hours then I'm sending you back home"
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CUCK HUSBAND JASON SAYS... After a round of golf, While having a beer, showing each other pictures of our wives, my new golfing buddy recognized mine. Two hours later he was fucking her and shooting his load of cum all over her face!
"Pimping the Wife!" Cuck Jason Says... "Once a guy is a regular and is fucking my wife at least once a month, as a good cuck, I invite him to come to our house and fuck her in our bed. On the days that my wife is fucked at home she comes home early from work and picks her outfit that she will wear. I shave her pussy smooth for the man to enjoy then she showers and dresses ready to suck and spread her legs!" Then they fuck her right in front of me while I stroke my cock!
Jackie Says... "I don't do it every night but every couple of weeks my cuck husband has a guy come to our house to fuck me. On those days my husband texts me at work to let me know to come home a little early if I can so I have time to get ready for the guy. These are guys who have already fucked me a few times before so I am comfortable with it and I know my husband really enjoys watching and stroking his cock while they fuck me."
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"Will Fuck for Work" new Cuck husband Jason Says... "Money is tight these days and my wife Jackie has not worked a real job for many years. She's a great wife but she spends most of her time shopping and spending money redecorating the house. I take her out to lunch or dinner most days and that's expensive too. I have a good job and my boss is a nice guy. I asked him if he would consider hiring my wife part time. I told him, years ago she worked in client relations and was very good at it and he agreed to give her an interview. I told my wife that she needed to start pulling her weight and get to work and how my boss agreed to interview her. She dressed up nice for the interview and I drove her up to Phoenix to a motel where my boss was staying while he was taking some meetings. My wife has always used sex to get what she wanted. That's her real talent and my boss used my wife for what he wanted!"
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS..."I didn't know we were in a financial squeeze. My cuckold husband never talks to me about that stuff. I met my hubby years ago when I was working doing client realtions for a small company in California. When he told me I had to go back to work, I didn't know what to do. I hadn't used any of my old skills for years and I was not confident. My husband has kept me busy for so long sucking cock and spreading my legs for men so that's the only experience I have now. I did the interview with my husbands boss and did the only thing I know how to do!"
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS "Yes I date other men and my cuckold husband has to drive me to their hotels and watch while they fuck me. I don't like being called a whore. I 'm really just a regular wife who enjoys big cocks and since my husband is a cuck his duty is to do what I say!"
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CUCK HUSBAND JASON SAYS..."I take my wife to hotels regularly where I have to watch other guys fuck her face and fuck her!"

"Cream Pie Cunt"

Cuck Jason says... My wife has guys that fuck her regularly but when she happens to not have a date scheduled I take that opportunity to reward new guys that have been waiting to fuck her. Jesse had contacted me last week that he was coming in for a bussiness meeting. He'd seen videos of my wife and wanted very much to fuck her. I emailed him that my wife was availble for him the day he would be in town. When he arrived he emailed me his hotel and room number. My wife dressed nicely in a pink dress and white heels. I drove her to his hotel where he fucked her hard for an hour while I jacked off. He finally filled her cunt with a load of cum! It was so good.

Jackie says... I didn't have a date scheduled so I thought I would spend the day relaxing and doing some shopping at some of my favorite stores. At breakfast my cuck husband told me I'd have to do my shopping later because he had a guy that wanted to fuck me and he was only in town today. My hubby told me the guy had meetings in the morning and other plans for the evening so he would be taking me to the guys hotel in the afternoon so the guy could fuck me.
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Cuck Jason Says "Yes it's true. My wife Jackie is dating again. She is back sucking cock and getting fucked in all her holes and taking loads of cum in her pussy, on her face and tits just how we like to see her!
I'm getting it all on video for you to see!"
Jackie says....I'm back to work! I took a little break during covid like so many of you did. My cuckold husband Jason got tired of seeing me sititng around the house and told me "It's time for you to go back to work. Time to put that pussy and ass back out there for guys to use!" He didn't really have to force me to do it, I have been getting so horny lately so when he told me he was gonna start pimping me out again it made my pussy wet. He says he has about a dozen new guys ready to fuck me.
I am so excited!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...We are new to town and my cuckold husband has not made any friends yet. He did meet a guy on the golf course yesterday who recognized my picture. He knew I was Jackie. My husband called me at home and told me to meet him at a motel because his new friend wanted to fuck me! I'm such a good wife!
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HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... My cuck husband told me that a guy named Derek wanted to fuck me and was willing to drive a hundred miles for it. I was not aware he told my husband "I want to fuck her ass" and that my husband said "Sure thing!" Derek showed up and fucked my pussy then pulled his black cock out and pushed it into my ass. He wouldn't take no for an answer so I let him have it. My cuck huband loved it.
"Happy Valentine's Day"new 2-18-24 new Jason Says... "A good husband should always get his wife what she really wants for Valentine's Day. A cuck husband especially should know exactly what his wife wants. I always give my wife what she most desires on Valentine's Day and that is a Big Black Cock to fuck her!

Jackie Says... "I really have the best cuckold husband a wife could ask for. He knows to to please me and it's not with flowers or candy and it's not with his cuck dick either, it's with BBC!

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Here is my wife taking Derek's black cock up her ass while wearing her wedding ring. She took it long and hard. He finally gave her a big load of cum in her ass for her trouble!

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Cuckold Husband Jason says: My wife offers her pussy and ass to black businessmen who are in town for a night or two!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS ...My cuck hubby drops me off at another motel so a visiting black businessman can fuck me while he has to watch.
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CUCK HUSBAND JASON SAYS... Hank has been fucking my wife for a year. He really has taken over fucking my wife and says he owns her pussy now. But that's not enough for Hank. Since he fucks her and I don't, now he wants the extra thrill of pimping her out to some of his buddies so he can watch them fuck her too!
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS... I really like Hank. He took pictures of me today to show his friends and he wants them to fuck me too. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm not really comfortable having another man pimp me out for other guys to fuck. It makes me feel like a cheap whore and I don't like that. I will think about it though because I really like Hank and want to please him
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CUCK HUSBAND JASON SAYS... I took my wife for a nice date night dinner. During dinner Big "D" texted me and told me to take my wife to his hotel so he could fuck her.
HOUSEWIFE JACKIE SAYS...My cuckold hubby took me for a romantic dinner. Instead of driving me home, he takes me to a motel and tells me: "I got a message from Big D. He says bring your wife to this motel, I want to fuck her tonight!" My hubby dropped me off in the parking lot and gave me Big D's room number. I went up and sucked hisblack dick then let him fuck me!

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Cuck husband Jason Says "Cody comes to our house and fucks my wife on his lunch hour. He wastes no time taking my wife into our bedroom and pulling her clothes off. He has her suck his cock then he fucks her hard and fast usually he comes in her pussy and I have to lick his cum out but this time he told her to suck it and swallow it herself!"

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Jackie says....I admit that I'm just a cum dump for Cody. He comes over on his lunch hour and fucks me when he wants, shooting his load of cum into my pussy or making me suck it out of his cock and swallow it. That's ok, I like Cody's cock and I really like making out and kissing him in front of my cuckold husband. I guess he will continue to use me like a cheap whore till he gets tired of me. Meanwhile I'll be happy to spread my legs for his nice cock whenever he wants!
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NEW/OLD videos of Jackie from her very early days newly discovered!
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Jackie Says... "Wow my cuck hubby just told me he found a bunch of really old videos of me being fucked way back when! These are some of my earliest dates! I had forgotten all about them. Check out these new/old videos in our members area they are sooo HOT!
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"Jackie Talk"
Jackie says "This is where I talk about whats new in my naughty life and answer members comments they leave on all the video pages! I sometimes shows off my tits or plays with my pussy as I talks and discusses potential dates!
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JACKIE SAYS: I love talking and my cuckold husband says sometimes I talk too much and I should just use my mouth for sucking cocks. But I like to answer some of the great comments members leave for me on the video pages in our members area. It's a great way for them to hear my honest thoughts and share some of my personality with them!....Jackie
Jason says "Since I am a cuckold husband and I don't get to fuck my wife my job is to find good guys with nice big cocks for her. Not that I mind at all in fact I love to watch guy after guy pushing their cocks into my wife's pussy and ass and fucking her till they cum in her. As I watch I can fantasize that it's me fucking my wife and how good that must feel. I can also dream that one day she might let me fuck her again but I know that is probably not gonna happen."
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Jackie says "I have to give my cuckold husband an atta boy!. He loves to watch guys with big cocks fuck me and today he hooked me up with Ron and he delivered in a very big way. Ron has the most beautiful cock I have ever seen and it's the perfect size...BIG! There is nothing like the feeling of a nice big cock pushing into my pussy and fucking me hard. It was a little difficult to take at first but I got used to it fast and smiled to my cuck husband a lot as Ron stretched my pussy more and more as he fucked me" Now I know why I married Jason. He is a great cuckold husband and just continues to find great guys with big cocks to fuck me since he is not allowed to!
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Jackie says "Over the years I've spent so much time in them that motels feel like a second home to me. I have been fucked in motels in many towns and cities and for the most part had a great time. I always get excited when my cuckold husband sets up a new date for me and tells me he will be checking me into a motel that day so another new guy can fuck me"

Cuck Jason says "Nothing I like better than to check my wife into a motel and watch a new guy fuck her. I've already shaved her pussy for him to enjoy and she has dressed up sexy for him. Most times I start stroking my cock as she sucks his and try not to cum as he pounds his cock into her pussy or ass. If he cums in her pussy my wife usually has me lick his cum while he gets dressed.
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This new/old Retro Jackie video "Corporate Whore Tells all".

Cuckold husband Jason says...My wife Jackie made a quick overnighter to L.A to service two guys as a favor for her old boss she used to work in client relations a few years before. As her cuck husband, I had to stay home but when she returned, she told me all about it as she stroked and sucked my cock. It was so hot to hear how she sucked and fucked both guys.